Labour Law

Labour Law

We offer also the legal assistance in the Labour field with the legal problems arising with the relationship between companies and workers.

We offers preventive advice based on anticipating the risk of the client in order to adopt the best strategic decisions with the greatest legal security possible. The principal objective is always to avoid conflicts and minimise responsibility.

We work with the following practice in this legal field:

– Labour relations and collective negotiation
– Labour risks
– Contentious

  • Labour relations and collective negotiation
Labour relations in the business are characterised by the dual collective and individual aspect. This makes essential the appropriate handling of the state or sector regulation and the labour sociology, that is to say, the analysis and prevention of internal phenomena of action and reaction that each company decision may involve.
Our team of professionals offers preventive advice to companies through a quota system, which aids coordination and creates confidence between the professional and the businessman, or through correct advice on those themes of maximum interest which can be, for example, crisis situations involving redundancy measures.
The negotiation not only refers to crisis situations, but to the regulation of diverse labour aspects in the collective agreement negotiations.
We work to define the respective reserve values; the control of negotiation periods; the selection of negotiators and the application of negotiation techniques that are the most appropriate to the company circumstances, unions and strategies of each case.
  • Labour risks
The Law regulated the Prevention of Occupational Hazards and its later development establishes a new concept of safety in the workplace with an extraordinary economic relevance, both civil and criminal of the eventual business responsibilities in this field make it essential to rely on the advice of specialised and expert professionals.
  • Contentious
Always, our aims is to find a negotiated settlements to the matters which avoids the difficult road of a jurisdiction.
We offer our services, even to Small Business Companies of workers which arise to a conflictive situation.