Community Administrators

Community administrators
We are also dedicated to the administration of communities and anything to do with the real estate sector in general. We offer an integral service to the communities of owners by means of a personalized and professional service, direct from our lawyers, to resolve your doubts and all the problems arising in the day-to-day of your community.
We assume functions which administrators set the existing Horizontal Property Law in article 20.
  • Ensure the good regime of the House, its facilities and services, and to these effects make timely warnings and injunctions to holders.
  • Prepare advance and submit to the Board the foreseeable expenditure plan, proposing the means to cope with them.
  • Pay attention to conservation and the home entertainment, providing repairs and measures that are urgent, giving immediate advse of them to the President or, in his case, owners.
  • Execute the agreements adopted in the field of works, payments and collections.
  • Writing acts, where appropriate, as Secretary of the Board and guarding the community documentation available to holders.
  • All the other responsibilities that will confer by the Board.
  • Assistance to boards for the legal advice to the co-owners, in quality of lawyers, in all matters which arise.
  • Preparation of periodic account statement to be delivered to the President on a monthly basis, for publication in the Bulletin Board of the community.
  • Claim of community fees to delinquent homeowners through the legal procedure that corresponds.
  • Legal advice to the President and members of the Board of Directors on questions are of interest to the community.
  • Extrajudicial claims for any reason owners and third parties, free of charge to the community.
  • Presentation and defense of legal claims by any cause against owners and third parties. When our fees were not to be paid by the defendant-debtor and consequently to be paid by the community, we will apply a discount of 30% on the final fees, applying the regulations of the Bar Association.
  • Receipt and notice of breakdowns or urgent repairs and follow-up to them until the full restoration of service.
  • Search for best prices of contracted services and the works required for the due maintenance of the property.
  • Regular visits to the community for checking the status of the building
  • Mediation between neighbors in case of complaints.
  • Liquidation and payment of taxes.
  • Receiving and sending communications via e-mail.
  • Follow-up to due compliance with the agreements adopted at meetings.
  • Processing of claims to insurance companies.
  • General of all many efforts be made for the proper functioning of the community.
  • We have the best professionals from all branches to act before any fault occurring in the building. In addition to experts to determine the best performance in every moment, such as architects, electricians, experts in unblocking and pest eliminatios of buildings, maintenance of pumps, services of detection and suppression of fires, plumbers, contractors, gardeners, etc.
Personalized attention to all owners to resolve all questions arising in connection with the administration of the community and the correct operation of all building services as well as on the implementation of the improvements and works agreed in Board of proprietors, establishing a direct channel with these.

Total transparency in the management of the accounts with monthly information about expenses and Bill made, State of the bank account and defaults of the owners putting at the disposal of all the members of the community detailed accounts and invoices paid at the time that they are requested.

Our Fees for our management and performance of the functions described above vary, in function of the number of properties of the building. Ask for a free quote.
We are confident that our offer is of interest and remain at your disposal in our offices, by phone or email for any clarification or expansion required, even for his presentation on Board of owners, if necessary.