Family Law

Family Law

Our Firm offers integral advice on the rights and duties of the family, as well as on paternity, maternity and protection of minors, in their widest context.

We can give to our clients an specialised legal treatment of the crisis of the couple (matrimonial or extra-matrimonial) and in the reorganization of the family life after the break up is coming. By means of designing a legal framework where the rights and duties, personal and patrimonial, are expressed fairly and practised properly. Likewise, legal advice is offered and applied in all types of judicial proceedings arising from these crises.

  • We work:
– Separation and Divorce by agreement between the Couple.
– Separation and Divorce contentious.
– Legal liquidation of the economic-matrimonial society.
– Modification of initial regulated effects of the separation or divorce?
– Legal capacity of filiations
– Succession and Inheritance
  • Separation and Divorce by agreement between the Couple.
We represent both parts, by presenting the best agreement for them and the children in order to reach a very stabilized situation afterwards.
  • Separation and Divorce contentious.
We represent one of the part of the couple, when it is not possible to reach an agreement and we defend the best interest, economic or of any other kind which needs to be regulated by the Court.
  • Legal liquidation of the economic-matrimonial society.
Legal separation or divorce means also a patrimonial separation. In this sense, it is necessary that the couple breaks up and liquidates the economic-matrimonial regime according to what was united (profits vesting, regime of participation, etc.) or arriving at a compromise of sale or deciding on the common assets and joint possession, and of managing their coexistence.
  • Modification of initial regulated effects of the separation or divorce
Sometimes happens, that the regulated situation initially suffers changes which, if they are substantial, needs the modification of the effects of the separation or the divorce (cancellation or reduction of maintenance because of a new stable union or matrimony; or due to the alteration in the fortunes of one or other of the parts; cancellation or reduction in the maintenance to the children by adult age or economic independence of them; changes of residence and visits regime, etc.)
  • Legal capacity of filiations

In this Chapter of the Family Law, we offer our legal advise about questions with parents relation and other legal problems which arises with:

·Persons Incapacitation
·Claims of paternity
·Claim of maintenance

  • Succession and Inheritance
The death of persons raises new legal and patrimonial situations that ought to be restructured according to appropriate legal and tax advice. We are also specialised in this field, have the capacity to obtain and defend the recognition of the inheritance rights of our clients, with full legal effectiveness and with a correct tax plan.
Breaking up, awarding and satisfying the inheritance, in accordance with the last wish of the deceased, by Will, or, if not, through the corresponding declaration of the heirs in case of intestated heritage, the approval and declaration of the inheritance.