The Proffessionals

The Proffessionals
Juan Luis Gutiérrez González

Lawyer, professor of the Cádiz University in the post grade studies of Administration of Maritime and Port Master, licensed by UNED with an excellent academic expedient. Specialized in Maritime Law and Civil in general.

Prepared a work for his degree license in law regarding the “Forwarding Agent in the Spanish Law, their functions in the Intermodal Transport”.

Have been working in different departments in one of the most important owner, shipping agent and forwarders company in Spain for 18 years, being a high responsible in the area office.

Flora Alcaraz Vera
Lawyer, study in the University of Cádiz and was licensed by UNED with an excellent academic expedient. She is specialized in Civil Law in general, Labour Law and Public.
The Office
We are based at Cádiz (Spain), in the South Andalucía, where we dominate the area of Gibraltar Strait and Andalucía in general, but we are acting as well in all over Spain Courts and jurisdictions.