The Firm

The Firm
Gutiérrez & Alcaraz is a lawyers firm that provides legal services directed to satisfy the needs of small enterprises as particulars in general.
We offer a personal and confidential treatment to our clients, this provides us to look for the more effective solutions to the problems of our clients in the civil, maritime, labour, public field of the Law.

All of this, thanks to our experienced service of our lawyers, and long network of professionals that help us in the best treatment of the problems, from a multidisciplinary perspective, approaches business problems with a global and preventive vision.

The very best results obtained during our history and the quality of service offered has given our Firm a solid position in the area, as well as an increasing and outstanding presence in the international maritime context.

Gutiérrez y Alcaraz, was established in 1994, from then we have accumulated a wide legal and process experience in continues formation, prepared immediately to the new technologies and offering, even from the pages of the Net a general consulting service or giving quickest reply to the questions and problems presented by the clients who cannot of have no time to loose in coming to our offices.

We speak a fluently English and we are so satisfied to have among our clients many companies from outside Spain. So, we can attend any question presented to us by foreign citizens in Spain, also.